It’s day four already here in Rome.

Groups have formed - some organically, some others by clustering and assembling similar project ideas.

This afternoon, we gave a 20-minute presentation to explain a little bit who we are and what exactly it is News Labs does. We picked a few examples tailored for the event’s theme: the refugee crisis.

Juicer, in particular, was used to show the recent change in media coverage about the topic, and do some basic topic modelling (see Sylvia’s post).

Then we chose to propose several projects and workstreams we would like to work on this week, asking interested peole to get in touch and join us to work on either small bits, share skills to work on the same idea, or come hack with us.

Projects summary

Refugee Information Portal

This project should tie well with other groups working on similar ideas - basically, aggregating content and data about the procedures one should follow when staying in a country: how to apply for asylum, where to take language classes…

The quantitative effect of refugees and migrants on population structure and economy

The mainstream narrative is that migrants come to Europe to claim things - but what do we get out of this? A more stable age distribution, more workforce…

Connecting data-driven stories with human anecdotes

Are the human anecdotes that carry the story we read actually representative of the massive diversity of situations people coming to Europe are in?

FAQ/ News Quiz

Debunking some myths by measuring your knowledge of the refugee crisis - its demographics, its outcomes…

Real-time long game sending you occasional updates about a fictional refugee’s whereabouts

Receive images and notifications about the journey a fictional character takes through Europe in the middle of your normal day. You will also be asked to make decisions that will affect the risky trip from beyond the continent’s borders to safe asylum.

TL;DR: we have cool projects we’d like to work on. Come have a caffè and a chat with us.