Yesterday, we gave our News Labs Road Show to the participants of the 19 Million Project and shared the project ideas we’ve brought with us an developed over the last couple of days.

Following the Q&A and response from the team, we decided to go ahead with two projects initially:

Refugee Information Portal

Sylvia teamed up with a group of designers and activists to build a portal, which will aggregate on-arrival information for refugees - answering question like: Where do I register? Where can I find housing? Is it legal and work and how can I access the health care system? She’s dragging another developer into the boat and hopes to provide the most simple information system. The audience: Refugees.

Follow: A detailed description and evolving project page in our resources.

‘Go-the-journey’ - a mobile game

Basile and Francesco found their ideal partner: Mike from MIT Media Labs, a game developer. They want to build an interactive story of a fictional refugees traversing countries and making decisions. This way, we hope we can provide another access to the journey refugees are making. The audience: Our audience.