Basile, Francesco, and MIT Mike have been busy since the last update.

They got stuck in with Project 5, and apologies in advance for a lame name inherited from a mis-titled PowerPoint slide. We will address that soon…

The project is essentially an interactive experience delivered by your phone, made of regular updates you receive from a fictional character taking an epic journey from Syria to Germany.

Mike, a game developer at MIT Media Lab, already delivered a working prototype of an iOS app that handles everything - from push notifications to images. His experience in game mechanics is invaluable in the project development.

Francesco is having fun with Telegram and its APIs, so we offert a fall-back for Android users and people on desktop. On this front, everything is working fine as well, allowing us to have a look at what the story looks like from a phone - and not from vim.

Basile is writing the story and researching migrant routes and personal experiences that migrants had during their journeys. Instead of going down the path of massively different stories (e.g the land route through the Balkans or the Mediterranean in a boat), he’s focusing on the Balkan route and adding more and more complexity to it.

The group started adding the first branches, e.g. the bits where the user is given the chance to interact with the story. As well as for the writing, and now that the prototypes are working, iterating on the narrative structure will be the most important thing for the next days.

Hopefully, more soon!