We found some nice content on the internets that you might want to read. We’ll update the list periodically.

People Movin

Where do people come from and go - answered with an efficient visualisation. Note: could be cool to scrape this data!

African Dictatorship Fuels Migrant Crisis - Wall Street Journal

Long and solid read from the Journal about Eritrea - a country we don’t hear much about.

Migration in the News/ the Census - Seeing Data, Clever Franke

Talking about clever and great web work, this UK centric piece presents many facets of migration.

Missing Migrants project

Looks like a solid monitoring of deaths at sea, accompanied by detailed reports and infographics.

The Invisible Wall - Internazionale

Powerful video by Valeria Brigida and Mario Poeta, about the exclusive testimony of an Italian coastguard.

Two Billion Miles - Channel 4

Superb video experience from Channel 4 - that your BBC friends will tell you remind them of Auntie’s Syrian Journey newsgame.

Migrant crisis: Monthly record of 218,000 reach EU by sea - BBC News

A massive 218,000 reach EU by sea in October. Full data from UNHCR here.

Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics - BBC News

Quite a dense piece from the BBC Visual Journalism department, with data pulled from FRONTEX, EUROSTAT, the European Commission…

Global refugee crisis - Wikipedia

In fact, the whole European Migrant Crisis page is a must-read as a well-sourced guide.

Syria’s refugee exodus - BBC News

An older interactive journalism piece from the BBC, focused on Syria and the correlation of the exodus with key dates of the ongoing civil war.

24 hours in a fuel tank - BBC Magazine

A tough human story about what people are ready to go through to come to Europe. Part of the BBC’s Syrian Journey documentary initiative.

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route - BBC World Service

Also from the same initiative, this Visual Journalism newsgame is simply extraordinary.

Asylum in the EU: Facts and Figures - European Parliament

EUROPARL briefing from March 2015, containing a lot of historical data.

The Fiscal Impact of Immigration in the UK - Oxford University Migration Observatory

Spoiler: this study suggests that the fiscal impact is quite small indeed, around +/- 1% of GDP.

People on the Move - Amnesty

A good recap of the main issues for migrants worldwide.

Syrian refugees start a new life in Norway through resettlement - Amnesty

Campaigning story about Norway and an inclusive society’s success.

Ghost Boat - on Medium

A terrific investigation-as-it-happens taking place on Medium, searching for a missing boat with 243 people on board.